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last night i met a fellow and a girl and we watched fight club together in a room. this morning, a handful of people i usually hang out with - david, who has a curly afro, rachel, a redhead with style, jen, a weezer fan, and adam, a clown of sorts - said to me, "we were looking everywhere for you last night. feel special, we devised a search party, we kept wondering 'where could meghan be?'"

i smiled and tears came to my eyes

p.s. i made a csssa mix a while ago, i gave a copy to duck and jordaan, if you want a copy, gillian, or anyone, let me know. it is this:

1. bright eyes - a poetic retelling of an unfortunate seduction (is that correct?)
2. bauhaus - all we ever wanted was everything
3 coldplay - the scientist
4 counting crows - colorblind
5 foo fighters - everlong (acoustic)
6 joni mitchell - river
7 massive attack - teardrop
8 neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea
9 neutral milk hotel - king of the carrot flowers pt. 2
10 nine inch nails - hurt
11 oasis - wonderwall (acoustic)
12 placebo - every me every you
13 smashing pumpkins - 1979 (acoustic)
14 the cranberries - no need to argue
15 travis - hit me baby one more time (cover)
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